LUMO provides an off-grid sanitation device for wastewater treatment. It removes organic content without chemicals, recovering electricity from the process itself.

LUMO Start Up Innovativa

Mission & Vision

UN SDG 6 aims to guarantee the availability of adequate sanitation facilities for everyone. LUMO takes up the challenge and develops a system for sanitizing organic wastewater with a low-cost, off-grid, and eco-sustainable device. At the heart of this project, there is a team that combines scientific research with an enterprising entrepreneurial vision, embracing the values of the circular economy and sustainability. With its technology, LUMO overcomes the limits dictated by poor access to purification and sanitation services to guarantee a better level of hygienic-sanitary conditions and to ensure health and well-being for all.

For people who are living in poor hygienic conditions, LUMO’s Perpetua is an off-grid sanitation device that provides a wastewater treatment solution. Unlike the traditional procedure, it removes organic content without chemicals, recovering electricity from the process itself. This system translates into a collection tank that transforms the wastewater into water and electricity. The water produced, although not drinkable, can be reused in agriculture or discharged directly into watercourses. The energy collected makes the system self-sufficient and independent of the electricity grid. The Perpetua can be applied wherever there is a need to purify the off-grid exhaust; not only in developing countries with sanitation problems but also in sailing boats, motorhomes, and islands.


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