Who we are

LUMO was born during the Climathon 2018 in Carpi, where the initial team formed by Selene Tondini, Tommaso Polci and Andrea Natali took second place. At the beginning, LUMO’s core was the ambitious idea of lightening the cities through algae and bioluminescent bacteria. Since then, we decided to deepen our research and create the LUMO team, including a fourth member with a spirit of enterprise and proactivity, Pietro Forcellese. Since May 2019, after the participation of the team in Startup Day 2019, Lea Garofalo and Jacopo Seri became part of the team adding value with their different skills. On December 2020 we started collaborating with a business specialist, Zeno Manelli.

Selene Tondini – CEO

MSc Analysis and Environmental Management – EIT Climate KIC Master Label (University of Bologna)

With energy and organization, she leads the team to achieve the goals in the most linear and efficient way possible. Multitasking allows her to be anywhere, always ready for news and to get involved. You can’t say no to Selene when she proposes one of her crazy projects!
Special power: she organizes Lumo with the same calm as an orchestra leader has in the apex of the song

Tommaso Polci – CSO

MSc Analysis and Environmental Management – EIT Climate KIC Master Label (University of Bologna)

If LUMO were a family, Tommaso would be the wise and patient grandfather. If there is a problem in the team related to the human side he intervenes to restore harmony among the members of the group. Listening skills and empathy are the two main qualities that describe his character.
Special power: with his oratorical skills he would be able to sell an egg to a hen

Andrea Natali – CFO

MSc Analysis and Environmental Management – EIT Climate KIC Master Label (University of Bologna)

Rationality and concreteness are his strong. He finds even the smallest of problems and remains realistic in the ideas shared by the team. With versatility he moves nimbly from research to social networks giving advice and solving problems. Andrea is the real backbone of LUMO.
Special power: you don’t see him yet there is.

Pietro Forcellese – CTO

MSc Analysis and Environmental Management (University of Bologna)

Consistency, reliability and determination are just some of the qualities that best describe Pietro. Precise and resourceful, he is an indispensable figure within a team that aims for great results like LUMO. Concreteness and commitment are for him the key to success for every project.
Special power: long hair, that’s where his prophecies in the field of the MFC are enclosed

Lea Garofalo – Content & Social Media Manager

MSc Language, Society and Communication (University of Bologna)

As in her football team, Lea manages to keep the mood high with sarcasm and irony! She gives a different point of view from the group and analyses every possibility. Very practical and suitable to make the contribution that is needed every time, she is the element of the team that sees the light in the dark moments.
Special power: manage to understand what her colleagues from the R&D team say, or pretend to understand, we’ll never know

Jacopo Seri – COO

MSc Energy Engineering (University of Bologna)

In the field of energy harvesting, there is no question that Jacopo does not try to answer. Always accurate, timely and effective. When the R&D ideas start to be astonishing, he brings everyone back down to earth. If it wasn’t clear yet: he’s an engineer.
Special power: more than being an engineer?!

Zeno Manelli – Business Specialist

MSc International Business and Development (University of Parma)

Zeno is a curious economist. So curious that since meeting LUMO he has set his goal of looking for the best opportunities to bring our project to the world. There is no market that escapes him!
Special power: being accidentally stumbled upon LUMO’s dream

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